Top-Quality Metal Work for Your Classic Car Restoration

Expert metal work services for classic Porsches, vintage race cars, and other timeless vehicles

Metal Work

Transform your timeless vehicle with state-of-the-art metal work restoration

A strong foundation is the key to any successful restoration project. That's why our skilled technicians take great care in meticulously repairing your classic car's metal body.

Whether it's rust removal or fixing regular wear and tear, our team can handle any job with expertise. We use a fixturing bench calibrated to factory specifications to make sure major repairs are done right.

Our process includes stripping your car for metal finishing and traditional lead work. This allows every piece of your vehicle to come together perfectly during the rest of the restoration process.

While pre-made patch panels are available for many repairs, our metal technicians can create custom panels if necessary.

Ready to transform your vintage car back to showroom condition?