Vintage Car Works offers bumper to bumper, concours quality restoration services for all makes of classic cars, specializing in air-cooled Porsches. We can take your vehicle from the worst state of disrepair to the highest quality restoration in competition today. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We often restore and build individual components for vehicles around the world and at the same time we can take a car down to its barest bones and build it back up properly using factory correct fixturing benches to insure the highest quality repairs.

Concours quality 1966 porsche 911 restoration job by vintage car works.
Tig Welding

Metal Work

Correct repairs of your vehicle's metal body are the foundation of any good restoration. Having well documented, quality metal work performed will allow every piece of the vehicle to go together better later in the process and will set the vehicle apart from the competition. Most classic cars have some level of rust to deal with and previous repairs from regular use. Vintage has the ability to set your vehicle on a fixturing bench, calibrated to factory specifications to ensure major repairs are done correctly. We take cars down to bare metal and progress through metal finishing and traditional lead work. Many repairs have pre-fabricated patch panels for sale, but our capable metal technicians can fabricate any panel needed if it isn't available in the market.

Paint & Body 

Our talented paint team receives the vehicle from the metal shop and sets to work on getting the vehicle perfectly straight and ready for a few coats of the highest quality paint. Vehicles are epoxy primered to combat any future corrosion and all the rest of the body and paint process is insured to have a perfect, sealed base to build on. We pay attention to the details when we are getting a car ready to spray, the highlight lines and body panel gaps are painstakingly fit and sanded so the are no dips, dives, or waves in the final paint job. We pride ourselves in using the best materials in the industry and not rushing a single process. Our paint is a competition winner and the details of gloss level and original paint codes goes into making that happen!

1959 356 Porsche 050
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Mechanical Restoration

With decades of mechanical knowledge in the shop, Vintage Car Works will get your car put together the right way the first time. We know the details and work hard to make sure they don't get overlooked. The finished product is a vehicle you can get in and drive without worry and still take to a concours knowing you don't have to sweat during judging. We offer tip to toe mechanical services and use only the best parts, we don't want anything but the best for you and your classic!


Vintage Car Works Complete Services

More Than Just A Restoration Shop
  • Metal Work:
    • Rust repair
    • Structural damage repair
    • Metal shaping, and panel creation.
  • Paint Work:
    • Concour quality paint.
    • Classic collision paint matching.
    • Touch ups and blending.
    • Paint correction.
  • Mechanical Restoration:
    • Suspension Adjustments: bushings, bearings, shocks, etc.
    • Tune Ups & Routine Service: oil changes, clutches, valve adjustments, fuel system and carburetor tuning.
    • Engine Rebuilding: Porsche 356 and 911 engine specialists
  • Electrical Repair:
    • Symptom diagnosis.
    • New harness replacement.
    • Radio repair.
  • Classic Car Refresh:
    • Get your classic back on the road from sitting.
    • Patina/Visual aesthetic preservation.
  • Trim Restoration:     Click here for examples of our trim repair
    • Bright work damage repair, i.e. straightening dents, dings, and waves.
    • Block sanding and polishing.
    • Anodizing, plating & chrome.
    • Script Engraving.
    • Feel free to call us about shipping in your parts for individual service.
  • Small assemblies
    • Copper brake lines.
    • Fuel line restoration -  fuel line plating & correct fittings and crimping.
    • Authentic exhaust systems - correct ceramic color, logos, stainless options.
    • Glass - new backdated or polishing and restoration of original.