The three most important factors to consider when you are planning a restoration of a car are:

              1. Your goal for the restoration.
              2. Your budget for the restoration.
              3. Your timeline for the restoration.
Concours quality 1966 porsche 911 restoration job by vintage car works.

Planning a restoration is a lot of work and there are many other smaller details and choices to make along the way, but those three listed above will dictate the entire process as you go. They are intimately connected in ways that many people don’t consider.

Your goal will usually stay the same but your budget may grow or shrink as you go through life which may mean the timeline changes to compensate for less project funds. On the other hand, you may find out something about your project which would make it worthy of a concours quality restoration, such as a racing history, famous owners, or rarity, which may warrant adjusting all three of the factors listed above.

Once you have defined your restoration goal, it is time to speak with a few shops about the project. It is best to seek out specialists for the vehicle you are restoring because they often have seen and built a vehicle much like yours. This advantage gives them the ability to tell about the scope of previous, similar restorations, which are not an estimate for your vehicle, rather a guide to ensure everyone is on the same page based on costs and timelines.

When you have found the shop you trust and have communicated your goal and budget, it's time to start the restoration!

1959 356 Porsche 027
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RSK_After PV Concours_1

Many shops have waitlists but that does not have to hold you up, if you are completing any of the physical work yourself, you can start immediately.

If you are leaving it all to the professionals, start working on the other details like where you’re going to take it to be shown or coordinate with your car club magazine to have it unveiled at the end of its restoration. It is a time to be excited and looking forward to the moment you get to step in and drive away!

If you are looking for early, air-cooled Porsche specialists, you’ve come to the right place. We know the details of these cars that take them from a good restoration to a Porsche Parade winner or a best in class on a Concours field.

While our most extensive knowledge lies with Porsches, we don’t shy away from other significant vehicles. We have restored and repaired vehicles ranging from the Brass Era to modern race cars. So whatever your project may be, head over to our contact page and give us a shout, we’d love to talk about your project.



-Xander @ Vintage Car Works

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